I'm on GitHub, come and fork me!

Recently I came to the conclusion that it would be much better to keep my shell scripting work in a Git repository instead of relying on Pastebin, so I created a repo on Github. Everyone is welcome to contribute their improvements :). Hell, I'm sure my scripts are far from complete/usable and many optimizations can be made. You can even fork me if you dare! ;)

As for now, I've pushed the most recent script, the Torrentz.eu search and download "API". As time goes by, I'll try to add older scripts and publish some new ones, so I encourage you to add the repo to your watchlist :).

Long live free and open source software!

Torrentz.eu search shell script

Torrentz.eu is a great meta-search engine collecting info from dozens of torrent hosting sites, such as ThePirateBay.se. You can read through the complete list of scraped sites right here (almost 7M of live torrents indexed as of now, ThePirateBay alone has "only" 3.1M).

I've written this /bin/sh compatible script mainly because my previous torrent search script for ThePirateBay stopped to function properly and I was just too lazy to rewrite the code to work with TPB's new way of offering torrent downloads -- via magnet links, which are great by the way ;).

Oh, and just in case you've missed it: you can download an offline copy of TPB's torrent database in format suitable for making and SQLite database and searching torrents completely anonymously. Hell, it's just 90 megs! However, pr0n is not included, so it's only 1,643,194 torrents :P.

OK, so let's go to the point. Here's a screenshot:

As you can see, it has a nice colorized output (um... well, it can be disabled with the -C cmdline switch) and shows first 15 results by default (a max. of 50 due to pagination, sometimes less due to DMCA takedown notices sent to torrentz.eu -- it's quite funny how they just let you know which torrents exactly are they watching :P).

And t3h s0urc3, ofc: see this pastebin, it's more readable and copypastable than listing it here. Be sure to edit the torrent download command at the beginning of the script if you're using client other than Transmission. You can also change the default number of displayed results and output colors if you'd like. Don't forget to leave a comment or drop some spare coin into my PayPal account if you like my works ;).