search script

This torrent search script is based on the quite modular one I've made a while ago. You can find it on my GitHub as will be usual for all of my future scripts and stuff, so don't forget to add me to your watch list :).

This deprecates the old TPB search script.

I'll greatly appreciate any feedback, so don't hesitate to leave a comment if you'd like to. Improvement ideas are also welcome ;).

You can also modify and reuse all my scripts listed in the repo if you feel like it as they're licensed under GPLv3.


  1. not sure if is just me but, if u use other torrent clients like transmission-gtk, it gets errors mainly because the variable $programs is not in quotes so to fix it just add quotes "$programs" line 141

  2. fixed (forgot about eval, d'oh!) and added new torrent selection hadling - you can now download multiple torrents at once an even enter number ranges to download.

  3. I changed the torrent client to 'urxvt -e rtorrent', and any torrent i selected gave me an error message of "unable to locate any trackers"

  4. Does it work if you manually copy&paste magnet link to shell like this?
    $ urxvt -e rtorrent 'magnet:...'
    It could be a problem with parameter parsing, because AFAIK, the -e option only reads first word after it, unless you properly quote it, so it'll look like this:
    $ urxvt -e 'rtorrent magnet:...'
    or equivalent with double quotes.

  5. how can I use this with rtorrent (do I need to add a specific option). Without any option (just rtorrent as the program to use) if I select one torrent to download I get:
    >> Torrents to download (eg. 1 3 5-7): 1
    Downloading torrent(s): 1

    but the rtorrent doesn't seem to start.

    1. P.S. Doing:
      rtorrent 'magnet:?xt=urn:btih:302f3d8e6850ab7843dbb1f25cd6090971eea3f6&dn=Linux+Mint+%28Maya%29+Virtual+Box&'
      from command line works fine

  6. I have a problem with this script, that I use often!
    When I select to download 1-5 it gives an error.
    But if I select just one to download, it works flawlessly!!!